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Make OM your single stop for life

Convenience is the pinnacle of both retail & wholesale product adaptability. Optimizing the retail delivery experience not only enhances the consumers’ lifestyle, it also actively creates value through facilitating the availability of everyday products to everyday people.

OM offers on-demand, same-day, and scheduled delivery, in order to aid affordability, accessibility, and scalability across a common marketplace. Allowing OM to be your single stop for life means having the freedom to choose when your needs are met through frictionless delivery integration.

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OM pioneers to transition the grocery shopping experience from time costly to time efficient. As OM empowers consumers to directly benefit from a more interactive way to engage with, discover, and purchase goods and products from retailers, delivery capabilities from the store to the door are customized for premier quality and customer satisfaction.

By setting the bar high and exceeding expectations, the OM grocery ecommerce process raises consumer expectations to crave a progressive shopping experience based on accelerated fulfillment.


Skip the hassles and headaches of typical retail guesswork by having all the essential houseware items readily attainable wherever and whenever needed. Delivery flexibility in this new era of retail ecommerce is a key prerequisite to maintaining our agility over the marketplace.

OM has a strategic outlook on the future of the on-demand retail landscape and has engineered a solution that serves individuals and businesses alike. No matter the size of the transaction, seamless delivery is the main objective. With OM housewares are only a click away.

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Be it a household or commercial space, regardless of whether it has a minimalistic aesthetic or a more grandiose appeal, remaining comfortable, imaginative, and inspired in the spaces you live in captures the essence of who you are and what you represent.

Whether you are sending a couch to your new home or shipping a bedroom set to a client, OM meets you there and in every space in between, prioritizing actions that always accommodate the customer. OM meets your furniture needs in every way.

Let OM supply your business and give customers more value

Business owners in the retail & wholesale sector experience many disadvantages in the cost and scale of shipping and delivery methods for their products. With an increased push from a culture of instant gratification, the urgent need to support every customer, anytime and anywhere sheds light on the opportunity for OM to takeover and keep your business flowing in the right direction, ultimately increasing accessibility and profitability, maximizing your business where it matters, when it matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

The OM Marketplace is an app that runs on both iOS and Android smartphones. As soon as our products and services become available in your area, you will be able to download the app from Play Store or App Store Once downloaded, the app will facilitate your browsing and ordering of groceries, houseware, and furniture among other goods and services we have in store for you.

Our Main office is in Miami, and for now, we only service certain geographies in the Caribbean. Currently, OM serves the British Virgin Islands and Jamaica. However, we are rapidly expanding throughout the Caribbean. Please contact us to check when we will start serving your area.

Our exclusive focus on the markets in the Caribbean islands enables us to deliver highly efficient, tailored services to our customers, taking into consideration the various hurdles faced by businesses in this region, and leveraging unmatched technology to overcome them.

We always have your best interests in our mind. That being said, we’re not perfect and mistakes do happen. That’s why we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee for all damaged goods. If you’re not 100% happy with the quality of your purchase, you can return it for a full refund.

Unfortunately, at the moment, OM Holdings is focused on the emerging markets in the Caribbean islands.

Yes. OM’s one-stop-shop  that are suitable for homeowners as well as for businesses. All products can be purchased individually or in bulk for a discounted rate.

The magic of having everything in one place allows a range of different buyers to purchase individual items as easily as they purchase them otherwise on a larger scale for wholesale and commercial purposes (if not more easily).


We use innovation to solve everyday problems and offer simple solutions.

Build Trust.

We use the moral compass of integrity to build trust with our consumers.

Create Value.

We deliver more than we ever ask you to pay for. We create value every time.

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