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Rapid adaptation to emerging technology is required for people and businesses to thrive in this century. It is one of the key determinants predicting the sustainability and growth of societies. However, making information technology practical in its adaptation and its ability to create value is a challenge. Technology changes rapidly, the learning curve is steep, and adaptation too slow.

OM understands this conundrum. We research and develop technologies with one tenet in mind: How can we make our customers’ life easier? All our technological solutions are an answer to this question. We establish technology that makes life easier while ensuring ease of adaptation. Whether you are a business or a consumer, technology will always be complicated, but OM will ensure that it creates value for you and stays easy to use.

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Go Anywhere Anytime

Whenever you need a ride, OM is there. Our on-demand marketplace connects riders to drivers. No matter what time it is, or where you need to go, our technology gets you moving. Currently, we are expanding our network throughout the Caribbean. With OM, a ride will soon be only a few clicks away, wherever you may be in the Caribbean.

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Get Whatever You Want Delivered

I want it now. I cannot wait. Bring it to me. With OM, these statements will soon be woven into the fabric of everyday life. OM develops on-demand technology that allows you to get food, groceries, or anything else you may want delivered. A few clicks on your phone and someone is on the way with your needs. It is time to let OM deliver while you relax.

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Get Professional Services On-Demand

Yesterday was a yellow phone book. Today it is a Google Search. Tomorrow it will be OM. Whether you need a professional service like a barber, a doctor, or someone to mow the lawn, OM will be the answer. Our LODEtech is designed to make life easier. That means all your professionals will be in one place and ready to serve you, on-demand.

OM powers businesses with an emerging LODE-Tech solution with no onboarding cost.

A business owner knows that unless they keep up with the latest technologies, revenue will inevitably fall. OM understands this need and makes it easy for your business to digitize with the latest on-demand technologies. We ensure that customers are seeking you instead of you chasing them. Whether you are a store, a contractor, or a doctor, OM delivers the technologies you need to bolster your bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

LODE-Tech stands for local on-demand economy technology. This technology enables local businesses to offer products and services on-demand, like UBER, GrubHub, or InstaCart.

OM offers this technology to local Caribbean businesses without any onboarding costs. OM is focused on empowering local businesses with LODE-Tech so they may offer all their products and services on-demand and serve their customers at the highest level.

The Caribbean. Our exclusive focus on the markets in the Caribbean islands enables us to deliver highly efficient, tailored services to our customers, taking into consideration the various hurdles faced by businesses in this region, and leveraging unmatched technology to overcome them.

Currently, OM serves the British Virgin Islands and Jamaica. However, OM is rapidly expanding through-out the Caribbean. Contact us to see when we will be in your area.

OM Holdings utilizes technological systems that are powered by AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms to provide advanced services to our business partners in the Caribbean.

We are certain that our services will help to scale and grow your business, keeping you ahead of the competition. Contact OM and we will onboard your business. Onboarding is free. We will do all the heavy lifting. Contact us today.

The OM Marketplace is an app that runs on both iOS and Android smart phones.  As soon as our products and services are available in your area, you will be able to download the app on Play Store and App Store.

No. There will be no additional costs to utilize the LODE-Tech marketplace. All fees are included in the product or service cost.


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