19 Jul
OM Holdings International, Inc. (OMHI) Announces Formation and Start of Construction of OM Builders Depot Store in British Virgin Islands
Category: Construction
Builders Depot Store Will Cater to Building and Construction Industry in the Caribbean Construction Commenced March 2021 Adjacent to Company’s Flagship OneMart Store Store...
27 Nov
Plans to expand OneMart to East End, USVI, other countries
Category: Retail Distribution, Wholesale Di...
While boldly stating that the new OneMart Superstore will be a trendsetter in the East End/Long Look community, businessman Mark Vanterpool also revealed plans to expand the bus...
03 Sep
Assessing the Wind Vulnerability of Building Stock Across the Caribbean
Category: Construction
In just the past few years, the Caribbean has experienced significant loss-causing major hurricanes, such as Gonzalo (2014), Matthew (2016), Irma and Maria in 2017, and Dorian (...
03 Sep
Building Paradise: Construction in the Caribbean
Category: Building Supply
Adam Cooper, Ascent Consulting It sounds like a dream job for many construction professionals: get paid to live and work in the Caribbean! Sandy beaches, palm trees and great we...
03 Sep
building supply
Avoiding trouble in paradise: Tips on building successfully in the Caribbean
Category: Building Supply
The island setting itself is at the root of several of these disruptive assumptions.   The Caribbean’s idyllic beaches and balmy sea breezes are a magnet for visitors from ...
27 Aug
New Shipping Emissions Regulations Will Increase Caribbean Food Costs
Category: Logistics
The Caribbean is highly dependent on global trade and shipping, with the proportion of trade to GDP ranging from 90% for St. Vincent and the Grenadines to 104% for Guyana and 11...
27 Aug
The Caribbean's Share in the Global Cargo Industry Is Growing Rapidly
The Caribbean’s Share in the Global Cargo Industry Is Growing Rapidly
Category: Logistics
The widening of the Panama Canal in 2016 had a profound effect on the Caribbean cargo shipping industry, placing it at a strategic crossroads to better serve North America, impa...
27 Aug
How technology builds resilience in logistics industry
How technology builds resilience in logistics industry?
Category: Logistics, Technology
Portcast CEO shares insights Nindhi Gupta, CEO of Portcast, a Singapore-based software company, shares her valuable insights to ExploreSCM about the current state of the logisti...
27 Aug
COVID-19: Planning for and mitigating new supply chain risks
Category: Logistics
It came. The black swan we’ve all (hopefully) hypothetically planned for took flight and severely impacted supply chains across the world. Since black swan events like COVID-19 ...
21 Aug
Mobile app
7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App
Category: Technology
Apps Are The New “Company Website” Today I’d like to talk about mobile apps in combination with business, and why you should consider building a mobile app for your own company....