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Tomorrow’s world aligns with all the parameters of convenience and accessibility like never before. It is essential to close the gap between consumers’ inability to access premier quality and quantity of building supply resources within an efficient time frame.

OM’s ability to fulfill the virtually untapped on-demand building supply marketplace offers solutions to the needs of consumers by providing a wide range of high-performance industrial materials for distribution and delivery available for both commercial and residential usage.

mature man Working at a timber/lumber warehouse
Lumber Supply

You don’t have to be a lumberjack to know that finding wood for a project can be an art. Lumber is a high demand commodity in the building supply industry. Maintaining steady access to an inventory of lumber without the headache of dealing with manufacturing, distribution, dispatch scheduling, and large overheads is critical in the future scale of building supply materials.

Whether it is for a small project or truckloads of materials for commercial development, OM leverages its digitalization of the on-demand building supply marketplace to keep projects of any proportion moving forward seamlessly and effectively.

Two construction workers carry a bag of cement midsection close up at the warehouse
DIY Construction Materials

To continue to strengthen the commercial and residential building sectors in the Caribbean, OM is innovating every aspect of modernizing the availability of construction materials. In the future, streamlining the way consumers and businesses create, build, and renovate is at the forefront of cost-effective sustainability.

By providing a diversified choice of supplies and materials that will meet any functional, aesthetic, or efficiency requirements and far quicker delivery than traditional methods, OM expedites the construction process with an all-in-one practical solution for DIY construction materials.

Different sizes of steel tubes on the shelf
General Contractor Supply

Building professionals are often at a disadvantage with all the different moving components required to successfully coordinate a construction project. Upgrade your process of replenishing building material by eliminating the disparity between choice or availability of building material and cost of labor.

OM integrates on-demand bulk buy capabilities and warehousing, while utilizing superior inventory management technologies, consolidating the design and installation processes, and positively impacting the profit margins for both small businesses and large construction corporations.

OM combines DIY and commercial building supply so everyone can benefit from economies of scale

Many business owners recognize the value in economies of scale. Scale economies bring down the unit costs of production, lowering the prices for the everyday consumer. OM leverages creating value for the everyday consumer, where usually, access to a wide variety of building supply and construction materials is typically a privilege to big businesses, leaving an entire demographic of consumers off the table. OM believes in the ability to consistently serve each consumer need at the highest capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Caribbean. Our exclusive focus on the markets in the Caribbean islands enables us to deliver highly efficient, tailored services to our customers, taking into consideration the various hurdles faced by businesses in this region, and leveraging unmatched technology to overcome them.

Currently, OM serves the British Virgin Islands and Jamaica. However, OM is rapidly expanding through-out the Caribbean. Contact us to see when we will be in your area.

As we are competitively priced and our stock sells on-demand, we cannot guarantee stock. However, we will source the items for you quickly if we run out. Also, we will keep you posted if we encounter any problems with stock in specific materials.

Please email [email protected]. We will respond to your request in 24 hours our less.

Yes. OM’s one-stop-shop houses a variety of professional and DIY materials that are suitable for home users as well as for commercial-grade projects. The magic of having everything in one place allows a range of different buyers to purchase individual items as easily as they purchase them otherwise on a larger scale for wholesale and commercial purposes (if not more easily).

OM is always looking for qualified candidates with leadership qualities. Contact OM today to see if we have any positions available in your area of expertise.


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