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What makes OM special

OM is powering retail, delivery, transport, and professional services throughout the Caribbean. We connect consumers and local business with innovative technology while upholding four key principles:

Unmatched Integrity

OM believes that integrity is the cornerstone of success. Our ability to act based on honesty and fairness to each customer is our greatest asset.

Uncompromising Value

OM creates one value transaction at a time. Regardless of the size of the transaction, OM gives you more than value for money.

Consistent Innovation

Innovation is the mother of value creation. OM consistently develops and refines operations, utilizing emerging technology to maximize value creation.

Expansive Diversity

OM makes life easier. OM believes that diversification in products and services is pivotal in providing higher levels of service to each consumer, consistently.

Available Products

OM leverages technology to power consumer value throughout the Caribbean.

Our innovative products and services are becoming available to customers throughout the Caribbean for several industries. Learn how we can benefit you.