02 Jun
one mart opening
OM Holdings International Opens New Store with Reimagined Format
Category: Logistics, Retail Distribution, Tech...
OM Holdings International Inc (OTCQX: OMHI) expands its footprint with the grand opening of its…
21 Jan
One Mart checkout image
OM Holdings International, Inc. Reports Record First-Quarter Results for Quarter Ended November 30, 2021
Category: Construction, Logistics
Revenues Increase 33.3 Percent, Net Income Turns Positive, Gross Profit Increases 47.7 Percent <stro...
27 Aug
New Shipping Emissions Regulations Will Increase Caribbean Food Costs
Category: Logistics
The Caribbean is highly dependent on global trade and shipping, with the proportion of trade to…
27 Aug
The Caribbean's Share in the Global Cargo Industry Is Growing Rapidly
The Caribbean’s Share in the Global Cargo Industry Is Growing Rapidly
Category: Logistics
The widening of the Panama Canal in 2016 had a profound effect on the Caribbean cargo shipping …
27 Aug
How technology builds resilience in logistics industry
How technology builds resilience in logistics industry?
Category: Logistics, Technology
Portcast CEO shares insights Nindhi Gupta, CEO of Portcast, a Singapore-based software company, …
27 Aug
COVID-19: Planning for and mitigating new supply chain risks
Category: Logistics
It came. The black swan we’ve all (hopefully) hypothetically planned for took flight and severe…

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