Plans to expand OneMart to East End, USVI, other countries

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Plans to expand OneMart to East End, USVI, other countries

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While boldly stating that the new OneMart Superstore will be a trendsetter in the East End/Long Look community, businessman Mark Vanterpool also revealed plans to expand the business in a number of neighbouring countries.

Vanterpool who is the Director and Chief Executive Officer of OneMart, made the comments during the groundbreaking ceremony at the store’s soon-to-be Fat Hog Bay location.

He said: “I pick up the phone some weeks ago and I called a friend of mine and I actually was on a 65-inch TV screen — what you call a smartboard — and I went on the smartboard and I bring up Google and I looked for some big stores in St Thomas and I looked for land around it, and I said I want that piece of land, 35 acres. They called me back and told me who it’s for and we started discussing negotiations.”

“One day you will go to shop at OneMart in St Thomas. You going down there for CostULess and all those other things. As soon as you reach down there I going be right there waiting for you. But we are planning, and we also maybe going to St Croix, who knows? We’re looking at St Martin, we looking at other places,” he added.

Modern design store to set trend in the community

In the meantime, Vanterpool said the new East End store which will be in excess of 30,000 square feet and possess the largest parking lot in the community, will pave the way for the future modern city of East End/Long Look and neighbouring communities.

He said that future businesses will follow the standard set by OneMart and build modern stores to further enhance the beauty of the community.

“This is not a superette. This is going to be the real deal in the Virgin Islands. It will be a store that reflects the OneMart concept where you can come and get all that you need in one store — OneMart. The first floor will be grocery and a cash and carry, the second floor will be appliances, household items and a true department store including basic clothing, electronics, cosmetics, perfumes, toys and all of your other needs,” Vanterpool explained.

He added: “Then you will be able to take the elevator to the top and the third floor where you will have a complete showroom of the OneMart quality and exquisite furniture and accessories that we are known for. There will be no need for our good customers from eastern side of the island to shop in Road Town. Prices, products and services here will be the same as our store at Port Purcell.”

Superstore will bring more businesses!

Meanwhile, Deputy Premier and Seventh District Representative Dr Natalio Wheatley said the store which is located within his district, will not only create new employment, but also create more business opportunities in the eastern parts of Tortola.

He said: “These types of investments you have persons who will be coming here to shop and attracting more persons into the community … and someone would say with all of these persons coming to shop here at OneMart, perhaps maybe I can invest in a business.”

“And some of those persons after they go shopping in OneMart they will come and they will shop with me (the business). So, this undoubtedly will raise the stakes in the Seventh District and it will attract more investment,” Dr Wheatley added.

OneMart has been providing services in the British Virgin Islands for approximately 34 years.

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